Whitfield Biochar, LLC

Combined Heat and Char (CHC)

Continuous Flow Pyrolysis

Whitfield Biochar LLC is developing technology that converts biomass to biochar and clean, renewable thermal energy. The syngas produced by the proprietary, continuous flow, pyrolysis unit is typically used onsite to create carbon negative thermal energy using conventional boilers or furnaces. The elemental carbon (Biochar) co-product has many valuable revenue generating attributes for improving soil fertility and filtering contaminated water supplies across many industries.

The company will provide packaged process equipment to reduce specific biomass types, such as agricultural and forestry residues, herbaceous energy crops, and animal manures into usable clean thermal energy and an odor-free, pathogen-free, dry, porous charcoal (biochar) suitable for use as a filter medium, or soil amendment.

Biochar Samples

Whitfield Biochar is now offering premium wood pellet, poultry litter, and
rice hull char for a variety of testing and plant trials.

Contact info@whitfieldbiochar.com for information regarding pricing & availability.